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“Stroke changed my family’s life”

Daria Lisichenko 45 years old. For more than ten years, she has been led by the Orbi Foundation, which informs about the signs of a stroke and helps relatives of patients. A long and tragic family story led to the decision to create the fund.

“My mother fell in love. She is 50, he is 47. This happened when I graduated from the institute – in 1997. They were introduced by the mother of my institute friend, and it was just a fiery novel. Six months later, we already knew that they would be married.

I was very happy for my mother. She was engaged in business, in the 90s it was hard and mentally and financially, and she so wanted a beloved and loving person next to her. In July, a couple of months before the wedding, Alexander had a microstroke, a precautioner of a stroke.

Mom, of course, was worried and tried to send him to the doctors. Unsuccessfully. He at that time is a successful businessman, bright, dynamic, active. It never occurred to him that what happened was serious and scary. Of course, he did not want to be distracted from the wedding and happiness for all nonsense. The Russian man has such an image, internal, for himself – “I am iron, nothing will happen to me”.

They got married in September, and in May the mother’s husband suddenly had a severe stroke with hemorrhage in the stem region of the brain

There are many departments in the brain, in which case they partially take the function of affected cells on themselves, and the stem department is the “flight control center”, there are all the most important functions: respiratory, swallowing.

When he was brought to the hospital, his mother said: the hope that he will survive is minimal. And if he survives, he will be a vegetable. “You need it? Why are you growling?”But the mother” was dumbfounded “: Alexander was connected to all the apparatus possible at that time, she was in the hospital every day. After about a month, he came into consciousness, and, as soon as it became possible, they left for the cottage.

The epic of 7 years has begun. It was the feat of mom, female, human. But not only her life has changed, but also the life of our whole family. Then there was not a nursing culture that our fund later began to build, nor help of the patient’s relatives: the information needed to literally scratch with the doctors. There were no diapers for adults, strollers, other devices. I remember how, during an entertaining trip to the United States, I bought a voice amplifier, a lightweight stroller.

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