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How not to grow a child with a selfish

If we want children to grow not only successful, but also decent people, these qualities must be vaccinated from early childhood and showed on their own example. What to do? 9 tips for a child psychologist.

Prochocial behavior (goodwill, tolerance, willingness to help and cooperate) contributes to a successful life. Altruists have developed skills in social interaction, they have a positive self -esteem, they are well treated by others, they usually do not have problems with school behavior.

The ability to think and take care of others is a key stage in the development of a person, important for future success in study and in society. The level of social skills in early childhood sets the entire trajectory of further development of communication skills. The process is complex, because the child has to look for a balance between his own needs and needs and the development of relations with others.

Some of the interaction is given naturally, others need help to better navigate in a social environment. Parents can help the child in the development of these skills in the process of ordinary everyday communication.

Psychologist John Painpinto gives advice to parents who want to raise a child who can take care and think about others:

1. Install clear rules and expectations. The rules relate to the consequences of a certain behavior. It is necessary to explain why the rules of conduct in society are needed at all, and show with examples what consequences the misconduct leads to and why this is happening.

2. Show that you are seriously configured. Explain the rules and expectations in a serious tone. With all your appearance, you must show him what behavior you expect. Brutinating for misconduct, too, express seriously, clearly and strictly.

3. Pay attention to the pro -social behavior of the child and praise it. Clear phrases like “you helped me a lot” or “you acted well (a)” let the children understand that their actions mean a lot. Approval of authoritative adults helps to consolidate behavior. Also censure

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helps to prevent antisocial acts. But consolidation requires time and constancy.

4. Set an example. Ask for the principles with which you teach children, they are primarily focusing on you – adults who care about them. Imitation always gives better results than moralizing. Since caring for others is a voluntary matter, the child needs to constantly have examples of such behavior before his eyes so that he can learn his importance.

Children are constantly watching you, and you have many opportunities to show them what to do in different situations.

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